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I will be posting information inregards to women's health and the issues we are having.

By gillianges73699079, Jun 20 2017 07:57PM

You may not be having menopausal symptoms as of yet but I am sure you know someone close to you who is!

Over the years there have been many misconceptions about hormones, mostly he fear of Breast Cancer. There have also been many studies done over the years that have not been recognized by the press or public.

Last year the International Menopause Society came together and created a new consensus statement. This statement reveals the many BENEFITS of Hormones when they are started during EARLY menopausal years. Like other recent articles this new consensus statement is not being blown up by the press.

The statement reemphasises that Hormone Replacement Therapy Is the most effective treatment for menopausal symptoms (per hundreds of studies). It also enforces that early use during perimenopausal and early menopausal years are BENEFICIAL and SAFE for the cardiovascular system, brain and bones. "Increasing data indicate benefitsfor primary prevention of osteoporotic fractures and coronary artery disease and a reduction in all-cause mortality for women who initiate MHT around the time of menopause."

Concerning Breast Cancer risk for hormones, the guidlines cite the increased risk for Breast Cancer attributable to hormones as less than 1 per 1000 women per year of use, which is a risk similar to or LOWER than the contribution of factors such as a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and alcohol consumption (1-2 drinks per week).

The statement is even recommendin that patient's who are genetically predisposed the Breast Cancer can use hormones if neede because it will not increase their risk, per a lare obervational study.

Estrogen and Progesterone Benefits:

Improves quality of life

Improves Sleep

Improves moods: increased neurotransmitters such as norephinephrine, serotonin, GABA, and enopines. Withoui horomones, the level of these neurotransmitters decrease

Improves Facial Skin: increases skin thickening and thightening

Improves vaginal tissue

Imporves memory: early use before complete loss may decrease dimentia risk

AND NO WEIGHT GAIN, you could actually lose wight because you feel better and have nore energy

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