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I will be posting information inregards to women's health and the issues we are having.

STOP and PREVENT WRINKLES with Estrogen and Pelleve

By gillianges73699079, Sep 5 2017 05:47PM

Okay Girls,

Here's what we know about stopping wrinkles! Don't let your estrogen decline. Use Retin A and stimulate the collagen with Pelleve (my preference), laser resurfacing or micro-neddling. As Dr. Diane Madfes said at the American Acadamy of Dermatology, "Estrogen supplimentation and collagen stimulation are both effective in preserving the integrity of a women's skin as the levels of the hormone decrease."

Afer a few years of declining estrogen levels, we lose 50% of out Type 3 collagen. This is because estrogen maintians the receptor that promotes collagen formation. Without estrogen, we cannot stimulate collagen anymore.

Estrogen not only stimulates collagen but it exerts a plethora of antiaging, skin-preserving effects. Estrogen protects against oxidative damage. The hormone also protects skin's water-binding qualities by promoting mucopolysaccharides, sebum production, barrier function and hyaluronic acid. It may even play a role in protecting against ultraviolet light. Estrogen also helps with healing.

All these add up to rapid skin aging after estrogen levels drop.

"The visible effects of againg on women's skin are not so much related to her chronological age as to they years after menopause." Dr. Madfes said- a finding that is particularly illustrated in young women with surgical menopause and those with breast cancer who take Tamoxifin. The observation seems to suggest that the early intervention with estrogen might help prevent at least some of the signs of aging.

So why not use estrogen on your face? You can! So if you don't want to use systemic estrogen that increases your estrogen levels, then just use low doses on your face.

Come and make an appointment today to discuss YOUR FACE.

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